Better East Texas: Pressure on Washington Redskins to change team mascot

Better East Texas: Pressure on Washington Redskins to change team mascot

(KLTV) - What is in a name? That's an old question that resonates loudly even today.

There has been an on going debate about the offensiveness of the name of the NFL football team from Washington – the Washington Redskins. Native American groups are offended by the use of the term "redskin" to the point that they are protesting in advance of the team's upcoming games as well as buying media schedules to express their displeasure with the use of the name.

Team owner Daniel Snyder has pledged never to change the name, and if you are a football fan, it is hard to imagine a better rivalry than the Redskins and Cowboys through the years. So what should the sensitivity be to a professional or amateur team's name and the potential to offend? Now, in America, it is certainly appropriate to express your view and if offended, you can express that rationale behind the offense.

I can see why the term "redskin" could be upsetting to Native Americans but I also see decades of support, honor and even reverence associated with this team name. It is ultimately up to the team owner, but if we dilute team names down to characters and causes that are universally accepted, we will end up with 32 teams that all look like the Cleveland Browns, who incidentally were named after their first coach Paul Brown. That is fine until someone in the Brown family commits a heinous crime, causing protests, well you get the picture.

We need to keep the Redskins, the Redskins. It brings character and personality to the sport and ultimately keeps a strong connection to Native Americans.

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