Majority Voice Outrage At Budget Hearing

Well over 200 people made up of taxpayers, county employees and retirees squeezed into the Smith County courthouse Wednesday night. At the meeting, the public told the commissioners court what they thought about its plan to trim the county budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget proposal slashes retirement benefits from county employees working and already retired, and would cut a number of jobs.

There was some support voiced for the county's proposal, but the vast majority were against it. Instead, they favored a budget proposal submitted earlier in the week by county auditor, Ann Wilson. A drawback to that plan is it would dip into the county's reserve budget and that's something Judge Dempsey has been firmly against. She said until the final budget is filed, everything is on the table for negotiation.

The commissioners court will vote on the final budget September 30th.

Reporting: Braid Sharp