Crews work hard to control flames

Tonight at 10, we continue to be the news organization that keeps you updated on the fires that burned for much of the day in East Texas.  Mitch Goulding will have a new report that explains the latest on the effort to keep the flames under control and what is next for people who had to leave their homes because of the fires.  You'll also have a chance to see the amazing images we captured from Chopper 7 today as it flew over the flames.

Storm Tracker Meteorologist Brett Collar is in the Weather Center, looking for any changes that could bring rain to help settle the fires for good.  Tonight at 10, he'll let you know what to expect from the weather where you live when he explains your newest forecast.

Sometimes, after living in a place for a long time, you start to take it for granted and stop noticing all of the amazing people and places.  It's good to be reminded of what makes your home such a wonderful place.  Joan Hallmark joins us tonight with another great reminder in tonight's Proud of East Texas report that profiles an old truck farm that's been turned into an incredible arboretum.