East Texans vocalize for peace in Syria through protest

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The tension between congress and President Obama is being felt all over the U.S. including right here in East Texas.

Saturday, protestors hit the streets to promote peace in Syria.

These protestors say U.S. involvement in Syria, could lead to terrible consequences.

These protestors held signs saying, 'Honk for Peace', and many honks were heard in Tyler, as protestors lined the streets, pleading for peace in Syria.

"We're promoting awareness and we're also trying to show our representatives that there is support against the intervention in Syria," said Joseph Yazdanpanahi, President of the Tyler Liberty Alliance.

Brad Hoff is an ex-marine, who traveled from Waco to protest in Tyler.

"When I talk to military buddies, they are very much opposed to this possible intervention. They just don't see what our interest is in it," said Hoff.

Hoff says he is fighting not only for peace, but for the safety of his family.

"My wife is a Syrian Christian which means we currently have family over there stuck in the middle of this horrific conflict," said Hoff.

And Hoff is not the only protestor with family involved in this complex civil war.

Shafik Moussa is a protestor who moved from Syria to the United States 18 years ago.

He says he is now housing some of his family members who recently escaped the crisis in Syria.

"They are very scared. There is hunger, and poverty has been expressed. I have people calling me from my friends and family. They just want any kind of support," said Moussa.

Although President Obama has stated the involvement will be a 'no boots on the ground' attack, these protestors say recent history shows a war could follow.

"If he attacks Syria then Russia, and Iran, and China and all these other countries are going to retaliate on us, not him , us," said Ken Humphrey, a protestor.
"The support has been positive. Most people are against the intervention in Syria," said Yazdanpanahi

The protestors say opposition is obvious through the honks.

Members of the Tyler Liberty Alliance say they are not anti-President Obama, they simply do not support a strike on Syria.

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