People In Tyler Give Big Money To Campaigns

If you're running for public office there's one thing you need more than anything else, money. If you're looking for contributions, Tyler wouldn't be a bad place to start. According to Political Money Line, Tylerites are some of the top donors in the state. In just the 2004 election cycle, more than 16 hundred Tylerites have given more than 1.4 million dollars to campaigns. That ranks them 8th in the state below such major cities like Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. According to Republican Financial Advisor Gaylord Hughey, East Texans have always been generous when it comes to campaigns.

"East Texas as a region has raised more money per capita than any other region in the country for President Bush," he says.

Tyler beats out most East Texas cities though. Longview came in 26th, donating only 437 thousand. Texarkana 29th with 374 thousand and Nacogdoches came in 44th, giving only 203 thousand. Lufkin didn't even make the top fifty. So what party are tylerites giving too? If you look at the breakdown, the majority of donations are going to Republican campaigns, but the democrats have shown strong donation growth this election according to Karen Roberts the Smith County Democratic Chairman.

"I think we've had an outstanding year and I think it's because people are motivated to do this. They want to see change and they are putting their money where their mouths are," she says.

Right now Texans have given the Kerry campaign 216.3 million dollars and the Bush campaign 259 million dollars.