Man offers vehicle title in exchange for the return of his pup

Man offers vehicle title in exchange for the return of his pup

(KLTV) - When thieves drove away with a Missouri man's SUV, the car itself was the least of his concern.

Doug Clark decided to bring the family dog along on his trip to a local lumber yard. Dugout, a precious Pug, was always happy to tag along.

"I had Dugout with me, so I left the air conditioning on and was just going to step in that office real quick," recalls Clark.

Just minutes later, Clark walked out in time to see his black 2009 Nissan Pathfinder drive off with Dugout still inside. He says the thieves were the people who had stood right in front him in the store just moments before. The business surveillance cameras even captured the thieves on video surveillance footage.

The thieves got away, but since they were regular customers at the lumber yard, the store had one of their photo IDs on file. The business has turned over that information to the local police department, but the Clarks have yet to have Dugout returned to them. Doug and his family decided to offer an exceptional reward in exchange for their Pug's safe return.

In exchange for Dugout's return, the Clarks are willing to hand over the title to their 2009 Nissan Pathfinder.

"Absolutely, title stands. They bring me Dugout back and I'll hand them the title," says Clark.

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