Better East Texas: 650 new laws now effective in Texas

Better East Texas: 650 new laws now effective in Texas

(KLTV) - Six-hundred and fifty new laws went into effect on September 1 across Texas.

Some of them are very specific in nature, like one that effectively eliminates the possibility of marriage to someone in jail. It states that you have to apply for a marriage license in person, which you can't do if you are in jail. Other new laws are broader reaching, including one that requires a drug test for certain people that are applying for unemployment benefits. The law requires that anyone seeking unemployment benefits in the state take a drug test if the field they work in requires a drug test.

The spirit behind the law is that if you are going to receive state benefits while you are between jobs, then you will not be using or abusing drugs. This law is long overdue and really doesn't apply to enough people as many will, no doubt, skirt the new law. It is sad that we have politics that water down what is truly needed, and that is a comprehensive law that tests everyone that applies for state unemployment benefits.

However, it won't pass anytime soon and you have to keep in mind that the federal government is gunning for Texas by legally challenging the recently passed voter ID laws where those that vote have to present a state approved picture ID. There are too many opportunities for those that desire  to abuse the benefits and rights we have all earned, and staying a step ahead will make this a better East Texas.

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