Roll-A-Hose: "Does It Work?"

You may remember a couple of years ago we tested one of those flat, roll-up garden hoses. It was called the Perfect Hose. And let's just say, it was a little less than perfect. It's still a mystery, but we couldn't even get the threads on the nozzle to fit a standard American outdoor faucet. This week we have a new challenger. Same idea, but hopefully we get better results. It's called the Roll-A-Hose. And we're about to put it to the Does It Work? test.

The Roll-A-Hose box makes plenty of promises. Lisa Love will help us learn if it lives up to them all. 50 feet of hose, all wound up in a neat, little, free standing spool with its own handle. If you purchase this product, don't bother with the incredibly confusing instructions. It's a'll figure it out.

It passed the first test. It fit on the faucet. Moments later the water causes it to come to life. Lisa says it has good water pressure. You might think at this point our little test is done. But it takes more than that to win a "yes" on this program. For instance, will a spray nozzle fit on the end? The answer-- yes.

Next, the tree test. The tightly woven nylon is supposed to be snag resistant. A few trips walking around a tree, rubbing the hose along the tree bark should tell us something about the nylon. No obvious signs of wear.

When it's time to roll it up you have to squeeze out all the water. "O.K. see that's a pain," says Lisa. "I wouldn't do that." But when she was done, turns out, it really wasn't all that difficult. And Lisa had it rolled up in no time.

"It's a long hose. It sprays out water well," says Lisa. "It doesn't get hot like a normal hose does in the summer time. The only thing I didn't like about it was I didn't want to roll it back up. I don't want to have to squeeze all that water out and roll it back up."

She also doesn't care for the idea of having to unroll it completely to use it, especially for a small job. But surprisingly, that wasn't a deal killer for Lisa. "It's very compact, it doesn't take up a lot of room and it isn't heavy. Neat freaks would rejoice in this," says Lisa. "It does look good."

Does It Work?

Lisa gives the Roll-A-Hose a "yes."

We paid $24.88 for the Roll-A-Hose at Walgreens.