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Baby Teeth: More expensive than you think


Inflation hits in unexpected places every day, or in this case, night. Yes, it has even hit the Tooth Fairy. Apparently, the prices of baby teeth have gone up quite a bit over the years.

We went to the expert on this one: the dentist.

It seems most dentists must have some kind of inside knowledge of the Tooth Fairy, but which one would have the best connection?

It quickly became obvious: Dentistry For Children. They may have actually spoken with her.

Teresa Chrietzberg is a registered dental hygienist who has experienced the Tooth Fairy as a child, as a mother, and as someone on the inside.

"I think that as inflation goes up, everybody needs a raise. Things are costing more these days, so the Tooth Fairy has to pull up the slack on that," Teresa said.

A recent survey says the national average on baby teeth has increased by 23% in the last year. It went from $3.00 to $3.70.

Some were quick to say how much they were paid.

"I got a dollar," said Nancy Mendez, a Registered Dental Assistant.

"The Tooth Fairy gave me a dollar per tooth," offered Haleigh Bowdin, another Registered Dental Assistant.

In some regions, the Tooth Fairy has reportedly left $10, and occasionally $50.

"Inflation must be really high in those areas. I think maybe California where the cost of living's much higher, that would justify a little bit more," Teresa speculated.

What's the rate locally?

"The Tooth Fairy brought her $3 and a sticker," revealed Nancy.

"About a dollar a tooth," said Haleigh.

"They're worth more if they're cavity free," added Nancy.

What about investing in the Tooth Fairy Stock?

"She seems to give away a lot more money than she brings in, so I don't know about investing in a company that gives money away," Teresa pointed out.

Obviously, they do have an inside track with the Tooth Fairy.

"Do you have the Tooth Fairy's contact information?" I asked Teresa.

"I do. She has a special ring tone on my phone," she replied.

"Can I get that information?" I asked.

"Nope. You don't have clearance for that," she stated.

Dentistry for Children's Dr. Culberson Boren was out of the office at a meeting, but he says he believes baby teeth bring in more because kids are taking better care of their teeth these days.

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