Blue cheese dressing by Jakes Tyler

Blue cheese dressing by Jakes Tyler

Chef David Wallace says, "A really good bleu cheese dressing tastes good on salads, vegetables,and fruits. Also as dips for chips and crackers.  Even on sandwiches or topped on steaks.The uses are endless. Guess what? That's right! I've got a easy, great recipe!"

one cup heavy mayonnaise

one cup sour cream

one wedge (4.4oz) Danish Bleu Cheese

juice of half a lemon

tablespoon of worcestershire sauce

teaspoon ground black pepper

Crumble cheese into mixing bowl. I like fairly large crumbles. Add lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. Gently toss mixture. Add mayo and sour cream. Completely mix. It's ready!

Taste great on Iceberg Wedge Salad. Wonderful with fresh apple or pear slices. Use as a dip for crackers, chips,or fresh veggies. Slather on slice tomatoes capris. Use as a condiment on your favorite sandwich, like BLT'S or burgers. Livens up any food! You'll give a blue ribbon to this bleu cheese dressing. Store in a  covered container, in the refrigerator. It will keep, for at least a week.