Senior Olympics

They came from all over East Texas and they came to win. Seniors of different ages and different walks of life. All competing for the coveted prize, a gold medal. Welcome to the senior citizen Olympics.

"I love to compete." says Roy Barber. "It doesn't make any difference what I am competing in,         I like to win."

More than 12 nursing homes brought out their fiercest and toughest competitors to go for gold in the wheel chair races. The contestants were revved up and ready.

"Get on your mark, get set, go."

"The crowd goes wild as they race off. Coaches motivate them on the way. At the finish line, cheers and medals are passed out to all.

"I am just glad to win second place. Last year I won first place," says Lela Smith.

Many of the participants say they've waited all year for this competition and have spent hours preparing. They say the key to victory is a good breakfast.

"Two slices of bacon and 2 kinds of cereal," says Esther Bollinger.

And of course a good they all say you need a good attitude.

"It's fun, fun, fun. Out here in front of all these people doing the best I can do," says Lela Smith.

"There's hope. There is something you can do no matter what condition you are in," says Dottie Fitchett.

At the end of the day, every senior went home feeling like a winner. That's what the senior Olympics are all about.