Better East Texas: Miley Cyrus' tasteless performances

(KLTV) - Singers, pop artists, whatever you want to call them, are typically remembered and ultimately defined by one or two things: either a great song, several songs or a single moment in time that acts as a lightning bolt burned into everyone's memory.

The latter is certainly the case for Miley Cyrus, the former Disney Channel start who seems to be on a mission to destroy any shred of an image of being a decent performer. Her recent "twerking" display and lack of wardrobe at the MTV Video Music Awards was the latest in a series of tasteless performances.

Some other artists are suggesting the criticism is unfounded and that we should consider the nature of the program but again, this is just the latest in a series including a disgusting display on ABC's Good Morning America a few weeks ago.

She seems to have the desire to become the forbidden fruit in music in hope of selling more songs. We have seen this strategy before and thankfully, it is usually not sustainable, but for now, it is really disturbing and can't run its course soon enough.

Miley needs to grow up and grow a conscience and that will make for better music and more tasteful performances and a Better East Texas.

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