East Texas history in ashes and rubble

A piece of East Texas history is nothing but burned wood.  The Pride House in Jefferson holds the distinction of being the first bed and breakfast inn in Texas.  A fire has now gutted it.  Tonight at 10, Lexie Cook will have a new report on what happened.  You'll see more amazing photos of the massive flames that razed the beautiful building.  You'll also hear from the granddaughter of the man who built the house in 1888.

Tonight at 10, Jennifer Hines gives you another chance to meet an East Texas child who wants nothing more than to be adopted into a loving home.  Watch and learn more about Casey in tonight's Gift of Love report.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto has been trying really hard to find any sign of rain in the upcoming forecast.  It doesn't sound like he's had a lot of luck but I know he hasn't given up.  See what he has for you tonight when he delivers your brand new forecast.  Who knows?  He may have good news.