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Citizens band together to fight K2 in their community


The controversy over the sale of a synthetic drug has come to a head in one East Texas community. Synthetic marijuana, sometimes called K2, is still sold in some East Texas locations. 

Citizens of Clarksville City are banding together to stop the sale of what they are calling a known dangerous drug. Gathering at Clarksville City town hall, many told their sad stories of how K2 had affected them personally.

"I have a 44-year-old son. He started messing with it and now he has not paid any of his bills in two months; every dime he gets, he spends it on that stuff. It has brought chaos into my family," says Patricia Foster. 

State Representative David Simpson was enlisted to add weight to the concern, and heard from kids who were on the drug.

"I was smoking it every day, spending $50 a day, smoking it 24-7. I couldn't stop. It's not a good thing and we don't need it in our community," says 19-year-old Laura Macieo, who has overcome K-2 addiction.

"Seeing this community come together to deal with this is encouraging to me, more encouraging than the law," says Simpson.

The group is seeking to protest against businesses that openly sell K2. Lisa Gatlin says her son and daughter were both addicted to the drug.

"To see my son on this drug and to see my daughter on this drug, it was very hard for us. It was like fighting a monster you can't see. I want all parents to know that they are not alone, if they are going through this and its effecting your family, there are people out there that will support you and stand with you," Gatlin says.  

Texas has banned certain chemicals in synthetic drugs like K2 in 2011, but simply changing the ingredients has the drug back on shelves. The group's aim is to stop all sales of any K-2.

"We want to find out how we can get a blanket law to cover Gregg County that says you can't sell this here," Gatlin says.

The group has notified Clarksville City that they will hold a rally-protest on October 26.

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