71-Year-Old Arrested For Second Time In A Month

A 71-year-old East Texas man was arrested for the second time in a month.  Ernest Tribble is accused again of selling crack cocaine. Thursday, officials said an undercover agent purchased drugs from Tribble. Police said they found a shotgun and almost a half ounce of crack cocaine worth almost $400. In August, Tribble was arrested for selling 56 grams of crack and for the possession of four firearms.

Despite the raid on the his home Thursday night, Tribble denied any involvement in selling drugs.

"I (don't have) nothing in there," he told KLTV. "If they found something else, then it's somebody else's. It (isn't) mine. I might have to give up that other piece if they found some more in there 'cause I don't have nothing else in there."

Six people were arrested at the Tribble home. Police said Tribble would be charged with possession of a controlled substance Tuesday morning.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com