Will mining company bankruptcy destroy economy or environment?

A small East Texas town continues to deal with what some say are big issues within the police department.  Shaley Sanders has a new report about the latest problems surrounding the city of Edgewood.  She attended tonight's city council meeting where residents expected elected officials to, finally, air out their grievances and find some way to ease mounting tensions.  Shaley says the elected officials weren't talking but the citizens sure had plenty to say.  She'll share that tonight at 10.

Tonight at 10, Mitch Goulding has a new report on a major East Texas company flirting with bankruptcy.  He's been digging into the reports that the Luminant mining company is having financial problems that may cause environmental and economic problems for people in the region.

It's time to help local law enforcement officials put some fugitives behind bars.  We have a new edition of Crimefighters at 10.