Hardbody Winner Takes Home The Prize

After a shower and a little sleep, the winner of the 2004 Hands On A Hardbody got to pick up her prize today, both of them.

30 year old Ellen Lenbek received $1,000 for beating out all of the rookies. Plus, she got a Nissan Titan pick-up for beating out everyone. It only took her 115 straight hours to do it.

Ellen says today, one of her knees is stiff and cramping and she's having trouble sleeping. But it was all worth it she says. This single mother of 4 girls beat out a 34 year old Marine. It was a win that made her daughters proud.

"My daughter Kayla said somebody had made a comment that Marines never quit. She said neither do moms. I still feel like I have my ups and my downs. I feel like sometimes I have a lot of energy and sometimes I feel like I could just fall asleep," says Ellen.

It's all good between Ellen and second place winner, Ralph Smith. The Marine invited Ellen and her family over tonight for a bar-b-que and to enjoy his prize-- a 4 wheeler.

Amy Tatum, reporting. atatum@kltv.com