Two Americans and One Briton Still Being Held Hostage

The fate of three hostages under threat of death in Iraq remains uncertain this morning. Two Americans are among those kidnapped on Thursday by insurgents. They've joined more than two dozen other hostages also facing death at the hands of their captors.

The deadline has run out, but the fate of two Americans and one Briton is still unknown. The hostage-takers are linked to the most wanted man in Iraq, "Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi." They threatened to kill "Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong" and their British co-worker unless the U.S. military agreed to release Iraqi women being held prisoner.

U.S. policy is not to negotiate with any hostage takers. But the hostages' families are pleading for their release.

Now, the Arab television station Al-Jazeera is reporting 18 Iraqi National Guard members held hostage by a guerilla group have been released.