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Injury & mission trip bring perspective to basketball star


Minta Spears was on top the world. Averaging 34 points a game as a senior, the Bullard star was a Parade All American in 2012.

An outstanding high school career led to a full ride scholarship from Texas Tech, and a chance to play in one of the top conferences in the country. Life was good.  Then came the 2012 season opener in November.  Spears tore her ACL.

"I was really just frustrated," said Spears.  "I was like man I'm playing great, now I have to wait a whole year."

Season ending knee surgery followed.  After several months of rehab, Spears continues to work her self back to 100 percent.  It's been tough, but Spears won't complain.

A summer mission trip to Uganda with several of her teammates, gave Spears a new perspective on life.

"You realize that your knee being hurt isn't such a big deal," said Spears.  "(As) barely being able to go to school, not having indoor plumbing, people dealing with AIDS."

The basketball star, says the two week trip was a reality check.  One she's thankful for.

"I made friends with a 14 year old boy named Ronnie," said Spears.  "He loved it when I showed him ball handling drills and dribbling drills and spinning the ball on your finger. He wrote me a letter before I came home. That speaks wonders and it shows how blessed I am here to have the opportunity to go school in America and to play basketball at a university."

Spears is on a mission to make the most of her time in Lubbock.

"We came back and two days later we started morning workouts," said Spears.   "If I hadn't have gone on the that trip, waking up at 5:45 in the morning, I would have been pretty grumpy. I just realized how grateful I need to be for the situation I'm in. I took on the stance that it's not that I have to do workouts and go to school, it's that I get to."

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