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Hot dogs or legs? New trend sweeps the internet

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You may remember the internet craze called planking. Then there was Tebowing and Vadering and even cats with a slice of bread on their heads. Well, there is a new internet craze on Facebook.

It's called: hot dogs or legs? Looking at the pictures it's not easy to tell the difference. There are hundreds of these confusing pictures, and people are posting more all the time.

Just looking at hot dogs or legs it's pretty obvious which is which, but if they're shot at the right angle, sort of point of view style, they are astonishingly similar.

So, where do I go for this story? I couldn't find a business called Leg Land, so I went to Weinerland, where as it turns out, they have both.

Karen McKain has worked there for nearly two years.

"I think it's kind of cool, actually. Hot dogs and legs are very similar," said Karen.

She must be a pretty good judge considering her nickname:

"Legs," said Karen.

The internet postings could go either way. They didn't bother to say which is which.

"I have to go get these legs up there and fix some dogs," Karen said.

Karen had to get back to work, so I asked a few other opinions.

Just when you think you have it nailed, there's a second thought.

I tried a few shots. Some are obvious, some not so much. Some may have been dropped on the floor, or are just hairy.

When you've taken a few shots email them to and we will turn them into a slideshow.

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