Daughter and dad both born in parking lots...33 years apart

Daughter and dad both born in parking lots...33 years apart

Like father, like daughter. An Illinois man was born in a parking lot in 1980. Last weekend, his daughter was born in a parking lot too.

"We got about ten minutes away from the house and it hurt and then my water broke. So, my mom's like 'We gotta pull over' and she just kept telling me 'don't push' and I thought 'I can't not'," laughs new mom Erica Pavlik.

In a gas station parking lot in the back of her grandmother's car, baby Hannah made her grand entrance into the world...ten days early. Erica says her first worry was the unsterilized conditions in the car. All she could do was pray for the health of her baby because Erica says there was no stopping now.

"My mom's the one who actually caught little Hannah...I put her on my leg and we just waited. A couple minutes later the paramedics came up and then my husband Frank pulled up too," recalls Erica.

The unbelievable coincidence is that Hannah's dad is a parking lot baby as well. Almost 33 years before, Frank Pavlik was too impatient to wait the entire ride to the hospital. Frank's mom and dad started the trip to the hospital, but ended up delivering little Frank in a mall parking lot.

Hannah came in the world weighing six pounds and three ounces. Her and mom are resting safe and sound at home. Erica says the coincidence might just have started a new family tradition.

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