Better East Texas: Looking beyond the 'birther' argument

Better East Texas: Looking beyond the 'birther' argument

(KLTV) - Let the next birther controversy begin.

Recently, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas found himself the object of the most recent controversy about his citizenship, where he was born and if he is a natural born American as the Constitution demands, if a person is to run for president. Well Senator Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship, thus removing dual citizenship conditions that he has had since birth, now leaving only his American citizenship.

However, no doubt, if Cruz becomes a candidate in the Republican race for president, he will still be plagued by the question of his citizenship. It followed President Obama throughout his campaigns and there are those who will throw hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars at the issue to simply cast a doubt on the Senator's nationality.

It is sad that we have these kinds of distractions that do cause confusion, but more than anything, take away the inspection of candidate on the merits of their beliefs. It is still months away, but the Texas governor's race will include mudslinging and misleading information from all sides.

So as voters, we have to put stories like the birther argument aside and look under the hood to see where the candidates stand on the important issues and the candidates need to be honest when asked those questions. We need a return to a real campaign and not a confusing high gloss marketing package and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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