Better East Texas: Longview's smart way of approaching budget cuts

Better East Texas: Longview's smart way of approaching budget cuts

(KLTV) - It is great to see a little wisdom and solid math being applied by a local city government.

The City of Longview is considering passage of the twenty-thirteen, twenty-fourteen budget and it includes a drastic revision in the city's sanitation plan. Currently, trash is picked up twice a week and recyclables are picked up on a third day. Under the proposed plan, trash collection would be reduced to pick up on one day a week and get this - recyclables would be picked up on the same day.

So three days of pick up are reduced down to one. The post office needs to take a cue from this model, but you get the idea that there is significant savings in just that move. On top of that the city will, if the budget is approved, purchase recycling carts that should inspire more recycling across Longview.

The city pays a little more than twenty dollars per ton of trash at the landfill but is rebated ten dollars for every ton of recyclable material delivered to the city's recycle center. So more recycling will put less trash into the landfill and a more than thirty dollar savings to the city per ton of refuse. Once the dust settles, this approach should save around one million dollars a year.

Other cities need to watch this approach, especially the thought process, and learn from it. We have limited landfill space and limited renewable resources and utilizing each in smart way will make for Better East Texas.

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