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News photographer almost causes mistrial in Buddhist Temple case

Jonathan Doody (Source: CBS 5 News) Jonathan Doody (Source: CBS 5 News)

It's a high-profile murder trial making headlines around the world.

Jonathan Doody, 39, is accused of killing nine people at a Buddhist Temple west of Phoenix in August 1991.

Doody's conviction was overturned in 2008 because of a questionable confession, and now the accused killer is being retried in Superior Court.

Opening statements began Wednesday, but the case was almost declared a mistrial after a news photographer covering the trial for five Phoenix TV stations inadvertently shot video of the jury.

The video was posted over the Internet as part of a live coverage news stream.

It was also reposted on YouTube.

The video clip showing the jurors lasts for about 30 seconds. It is a wide shot from the back of the room, and it is extremely difficult to make out any of the jurors' faces.

Judge Joseph Kreamer showed the jury a still photo of the video that was released over the internet, and asked the group if they could continue their duty as jurors.

All of the jurors indicated they did not have a problem with the case moving forward.

Doody's attorney Maria Schaffer asked for a mistrial, but that request was denied.

"It's possible I may renew my motion for a mistrial," said Schaffer. "It's very upsetting. Very disturbing what happened with the jurors, but they were not only filmed, but it was sent to YouTube and who knows where else on the internet."

The judge banned video cameras from the trial until the media can prove that a similar incident won't happen again.

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