Proud Of East Texas: Morris Theater

How long has it been since you saw a movie for less than a dollar and got a bargain at the concession stand as well? Daingerfield's Morris Theater hasn't raised ticket prices in almost eighteen years.

On any given weekend, East Texans are lined up around the block buying ninety-nine cent tickets at the Morris. While other "picture shows" in small town America have folded over the years, the Morris Theater is still alive and well.

Walter and Beverly Bass's grandparents, the McNatts, built the Morris in 1949. Their parents, Buddy and Eloise Bass took over the Morris in 1952 and after their deaths, Walter and Beverly became owners. Although Walter and Beverly grew up working at the Morris, they never dreamed that after Walter got his degree in Electrical Engineering and Bevery became a lawyer, that they'd still be selling tickets and popping popcorn.

Beverly comes over weekends from Longview, where she praactices law, to man the popcorn machine and during the week keeps the company books. Walter works at the theater full-time and does most of the repairs. Ninety-nine cent tickets, delicious popcorn and a three generation heritage in entertainment are the ingredients for the Morris Theater's success for over half a century.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.