Longview Woman Wins Hardbody Contest

Over a 5 day period contestants had battled sore muscles and endless hours without sleep in the quest for a Nissan Titan pick-up and it came to an end Sunday morning. It came down to an un-likely match-up... A tough marine drill instructor and a soft spoken mother of 4 named Ellen Lenbek. And after 116-hours and 59 minutes, just before 2 in the morning, the marine could no longer keep his hands on the truck!

"I still can not believe that we accomplished what we did, amazing everyone," says Lenbek to a thunderous ovation Lenbek was awarded the keys to her new truck.

A Japanese film crew had chronicled the event and their American liaison said at the very least it was an unusual experience.

"Watching paint dry, watching grass grow, things like that have definitely come up as analogies, but there was a lot of excitement because you got to know everyone," said Paul Dimartino of Milky Way Media.

But the real story was Lenbek, a woman who had no training and didn't really know what to expect in the event, but who decided once she was in, she wasn't settling for second.

"In my mind was thinking that what ever it took i was going to stay out there , no one can have my truck," says Lenbek. She also won $1,000 prize for Rookie of the Year.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com