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ETX jeweler donates wedding ring to family who lost everything in fire


A Whitehouse couple who lost everything in a fire Sunday received a life-changing phone call Tuesday morning with an offer to help.

That fire leveled their home and on Sunday, Leanne and Bob Volkert spent hours digging, hoping to find a wedding ring lost in the rubble.

"I sifted through that, where I thought it would be," Bob Volkert said. "I was praying. I really was, and there's so much rubble and debris, a metal detector would do me no good."

For the couple, the ring is more than just a monetary loss.

"That's what he put on my finger when we got married," Leanne Volkert said. "I just thought that was something that would never be gone."

They never found the ring, but just two days after the fire, a local business owner, Jeff Bonner, called them and offered a helping hand. The couple immediately headed over to his store today with nothing but a drawing of what the ring looked like.

"He told me that him and his partner were going to remake my wife's ring," Bob Volkert said. "It's a blessing, a prayer God answered. Maybe not the exact ring, but it's a symbol."

It's just one of the many stories of a community pitching in to help the family get back on their feet.

"We've received bedding, clothes for the girls, for us," said Leanne Volkert.  "Even just ministry, just to pray with us, to be there spiritually, that's been great help. They just remind you that God's still there and he's still there for you."

The two already have big plans for when they do receive the ring.

"I'm going to have a pastor of our church remarry us," Bob Volkert said. "We're just going to start fresh."

"This town has made an impact on us and there's no other way, we have found our home," Leanne Volkert said. "There's nothing like this community or this town."

The couple said they are  now working to find a new, permanent place to live in Whitehouse.

A donation account has been set up for family at Southside Bank. Checks can be made out to the Volkert Family Tragedy Trust and mailed to Southside Bank, P.O. Box 1079, Tyler, TX 75710.

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