Small school, Big talent in Troup

TROUP, TX (KLTV) - Check out a football practice at Troup high school and you don't see a ton of kids on the field.

But the one's you do see, are really good.

"We just got talent everywhere," said Tristen Walsworth.

"It is good to be blessed with some kids that can run and catch," said head coach Dennis Alexander.

Topping the list is quarterback/safety Blake Lynch.

"I had a goal of playing college football and that has been pretty successful," said Lynch. "I just want to keep going and grinding to get more interest."

Just a junior, he's already received scholarship offers Baylor & Mississippi State.

But you'll rarely hear him talk about himself.

"It is alright, it gets old, but it's all right," said Lynch.

"You can't really tell because he is so quiet about it," said Walsworth. "He's not selfish at all, he wants it to be a team thing and not just about him."

A team that with the lowest enrollment in the district.

But one that put together one of the surprise seasons in East Texas in 2012, finishing as co-champions in the district.

"I think we take a lot of pride in it, I think it gives us, not really an advantage, but it puts a chip on our shoulder when we play because we are the little guy," said Walsworth.

"We finished 9-2 last year but we want to go 10-0 and make a run in the playoffs and go to state," said Lynch.

They may be small in numbers, but the players on the field have them thinking big.

"I am a pretty good player, but we have a lot of good players who are going to be really good," said Lynch. "They are working their butt off and they are going to shine this season."

We want to go much farther in the playoffs," said Walsworth. "The first round just isn't cutting it."

The Tigers 9-1 regular season was overshadowed by a first round loss in the playoffs last year.

They begin their new campaign on August 30th against Quinlan-Ford, a game to be played at Brook Hill>

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