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Street fight leads to multiple criminal charges


Three East Texas men are in custody after a fight in Jacksonville.

This happened on Monday around 5:45 p.m. in the 700 block of Palestine Street.

The initial report Jacksonville Police officers received was that there were 30 people and several weapons involved.

However, Sergeant Jason Price with the Jacksonville Police Department said he was the first officer on the scene and did not see near that many people.

Sergeant Price said three individuals started fist fighting once he arrived on scene. Price said those men were pepper sprayed and taken into custody.

Sergeant Price said those men will be charged with disorderly conduct. He said one of the men did have a small amount of marijuana on him, so he faces an additional charge. The sergeant also said two of the men tried to flee once they were pepper sprayed, so they will be charged with evading arrest.

A fourth person, an onlooker, was also taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

"There was another shift that was coming on, so we actually had double the force at that time and all of those units were tied up for these hot heads who couldn't keep their hands to themselves in the middle of the street. A bunch of 20-year-old men who are supposed to be grown acting like children tied up an entire police force," Sergeant Price said.

Sergeant Price said these men are no strangers to their department, however he said it is not common for them to have calls about fighting in that neighborhood.

On Monday, the sergeant said he warned everyone involved that if there was another fight, they can expect to be taken into custody.

The men arrested are scheduled to see the judge Tuesday morning, which is when their bonds will be set.

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