Freedom Fighters: Angela And Greg Chalk

Just like in earlier wars, support on the home front is important to our soldiers overseas. That's why Army Sergeant First Class Angela Chalk calls her husband Greg her hero. Chalk first entered the army in 1991. Her first tour of duty included a seven month stay in troubled Somalia. For the past 13 years, Chalk has been in the army reserves. During that time, she married and her son, Gavin, was born. But earlier this year, Chalk was again called to active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a platoon sergeant in the army's 644th Transportation Company, Chalk has 40 soldiers under her command, delivering necessities ranging from food to bullets over isolated roads, often under enemy fire. But in spite of the constant danger in Iraq, Chalk says her husband Greg is the one who's "on the front line."

During her absence, Greg Chalk has been the "mister mom" of the household, taking care of Gavin, the house and his work with Oak Farms Dairy.

Angela Chalk has only 15 days leave before returning to Iraq. But when she does leave, she's confident that all will be well on the home front, thanks to her hero Greg, whom she calls her hero.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.