Hardbody Contest Down To Final Three

After more than three-and-a-half days, the Longview Hands on a Hardbody contest is a test of willpower as only three contestants remain. At 6:)0  p.m. Friday, 84 hours have passed since 27 contestants started the competition at Patterson Nissan, in the quest to win a Nissan Titan and camper trailer.

The survivors are pushing themselves to the absolute limits of the human body's endurance, with paramedics on constant watch to monitor their physical condition. The combatants must now deal with the weakness of human limits, fatigue, soreness and swelling, against their will to win.

"Mentally you're in a very unfamiliar place, physically my feet started to hurt really bad and still do, then my leg began to hurt on the left side, I'm still hurting" says finalist Ellen Lenbek.

"Muscle fatigue, and then it rolls over into the fatigue of the mind, mental fatigue which wears on you the most, really hard to deal with, really can't explain it," says finalist Ralph Smith.

"The pain in the heat, the cement hurts the feet, legs, the back, it's hard" says finalist Maureen Gill.

You can keep up with the final three contestants on the Hands on a Hardbody web site. Just go back to the home page and click on the Know More On 7 icon.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.