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Father and son watch home burn to ground in North Tyler


A man and his son watched their home burn to the ground Friday night.

It happened in North Tyler at County Road 328 West. The man noticed his house was on fire and called 911 around 6:30 p.m. Three volunteer fire departments arrived, Lindale, Dixie, and Red Spring.

His son was playing inside while he mowed the lawn out back, when he noticed smoke coming from the bedroom. So, he ran to save his son.

"I seen smoke coming down and I ran in the house to get my son out," Lorenzo Aguirre, the homeowner, said.

But, he couldn't find him right away.

"Scary, when I went in the house and started to call him, went straight to my room I thought he was in there, I called him, where you at, where you at, because I'm over here in the living room, I said lets go outside, the house is on fire," he said.

They are both okay. Though, the mobile home is a total loss, Aguirre still has a positive outlook.

"I can, I can get another home, it's no problem," he said.

And he's not the only one with such a positive view. Red Springs Fire Chief, Tim Thompson, was heading to dinner with his wife when the call came in.

"This call came in and we had to make a detour," he said.

But he's glad to help and so is his wife.

"That's part of being volunteer, when you get the call, you've got to go, that's part of being volunteer," he said.

The fire chief will reschedule his dinner and Aguirre will find a new home, but both agree about what's important.

"I'm okay, at least I'm still alive," Aguirre said.

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