No rebuilding, only reloading for JT

It's the first day of pads at John Tyler.

"That is what this is all about, we want to be nasty," said lineman Ken Holmes. "We are going to win some games."

There's been a lot of winning lately at JT.

But it hasn't been quite enough.

"We are definitely tired of it," said Holmes. "We keep getting there and getting there, it is sickening to get there and lose out again and again. When we get there, we are going to come and show out."

Names like Ward, Ross, Bowser and Flowers help lead JT to back to back state semi-finals.

All are gone now and playing in college.

Now it's time to learn the new names.

"We have some talent in store for y'all," said safety Reggie Gipson. "There are a lot of people who are ready to step up and play and show everyone what they got."

"All we did was have talent behind talent," said Greg Johnson. "We are just bouncing back. It is unfinished business."

"We have some talent that people do not know about, we have good people that are coming through, you are going to be amazed, you just watch," said Darius Amie.

Because when you play for CUJO, you don't rebuild.

You reload.

"They say they got that name deep down in history, from the playoffs and we want to keep that going," said Terry Ausborne. "We do not want to stop that."

Johnson added, "We want to be that class that people say, 'oh,' they kept it going."

"Those four letters are something special, to put them on your chest in the playoffs, to play for your mom and your dad and the people before you and all the history," said Holmes. "We want to keep that going, because it is something special to be a part of."

They're the newest names, looking for a permanent place, in John Tyler history.

The Lions begin the year on the road at Lufkin on Friday, August 31st.

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