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Most passionate Eagle does not suit up


Lindale student manager Michael Greathouse wasn't given a spot with the Eagles. He had to make the team.

"From his freshman year when he first started coming and saying 'Coach can I be a part?' I made him earn it," said Lindale head coach Mike Meador.  "His sophomore year he starts being our manager and going to games with us. He's just become part of our team."

Greathouse does the dirty work. 

He loves every minute of it.

"They treat me like family out here," said Greathouse.  "It's very fun out here to be apart of this team and help this team out."

Sharing in the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.

"If we lose he's just as devastated if not more than some of our players," said Lindale lineman D.J. Willams.  "He's emotional on the sidelines."

Though he's never put on a helmet or played in a game, no Eagle has more pride in his job.

"He's a young man that wishes he could be out there and play," said Meador.  "The role he plays is vital. No doubt I wish some of my kids had the heart he does and the love of the game he does."

Greathouse shares his passion by constantly encouraging the team and never missing a game.

"I want the team to be successful in life and do all they can to win games," said Greathouse.  "I like helping out here. I push myself to the limit and what I can do out here."

Greathouse keeps on pushing.  He's also helped out with the Lindale basketball, track and soccer teams. 

"You name a sport, he's there," said Lindale quarterback David Slice.  "He travels with the teams and cheerleaders. He's really the spirit of almost every team at Lindale High School."

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