See what police say embezzlers bought with stolen money

We've been uncovering new information about the embezzlement case Frankston police say involved two care givers stealing from clients.  Laura Sadler has been working on this story all day.  Tonight at 10, she'll have a new report that details the types of items investigators say these two women purchased with money stolen from the elderly.


Storm Tracker 7 Meteorologist Brett Collar is tracking the possibility of more rain falling in East Texas.  He'll have a brand new forecast for you tonight at 10.  Watch and learn what to expect from the weather where you live.

Tonight at 10, we'd like to introduce you to a girl who wants a forever family.  Jennifer Hines recently met Mechelle and says she would make a wonderful addition to the right family.  Watch tonight's new Gift of Love report to see if you think Mechelle may be the perfect fit for your family.