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Affidavit: 2 workers embezzled over $2,000 from nursing home patients


A state investigation is still pending on two employees of Frankston Health Care Center, now accused of embezzlement.

26 year-old Whitney McFarland and 43 year-old Robin Slaughter are both out of jail on Wednesday on bond, accused of taking money from a client fund at the nursing home and using it for personal shopping.

It was at the Dillard's in Tyler that police say nurse Slaughter and McFarland, who worked at the Frankston Health Care financial office, went on a $2,000+ dollar shopping spree.

In the arrest affidavit, Slaughter states that McFarland talked her into getting items for themselves while at Dillard's.

"Whether that's true or not, that's not for me to say," said Richard Goodman, Chief of Frankston Police. "But the bottom line is both of them acted in concert with one another to commit the criminal offense and both of them are charged with the full amount of the offense."

The arrest affidavit states McFarland, who spent $1,560.42, spent more than Slaughter, who spent $1,326.06 in one shopping trip, but both will be charged equally.

"They acted together and although one may have spent this amount and the other another amount, it's combined as one act of the offense that was committed," said Chief Goodman.

The property was returned to Dillard's who then refunded the nursing home all the money, but according to the arrest affidavit, both women were required to pay restitution in this matter.

"The property was returned to Dillard's and the money was returned to the nursing home so I'm not really understanding the whole restitution process," said Chief Goodman. 

In regard to the restitution that McFarland and Slaughter were required to pay, Frankston Healthcare Center has declined commenting on the whereabouts of those checks.

They have declined commenting on any matter in this case, however they say McFarland and Slaughter are no longer employed with the nursing home.

"I don't know either of the two offenders personally but it appeared as if Ms. Slaughter was remorseful for what she had done," said Chief Goodman. "It did not appear as if McFarland was phased at all."

Frankston Health Care Center said they did conduct an internal investigation on this, and have contacted the state to investigate further.

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