East Texas distributing fans after successful fan drive

East Texas distributing fans after successful fan drive

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - For elderly East Texans who don't have air conditioning, these 100 degree temperatures are really taking their toll.

One man who took notice, organized a fan drive in his city. He has had a great response, and now needs to get the word out to people who need a way to cool down.

If you ask 91-year-old Polly Cook, she'll tell you this summer has been brutal.

"Ooh is it... makes you feel sick," says Polly.

However, Polly isn't feeling sick anymore.

"I stay out of it because I know I wouldn't make it. No, Lord,' says Polly.

Not only is she staying out of it, but she has a fan by her side in her Jacksonville home. Daniel Minton who visits Polly each week when he brings her Meals On Wheels deliveries noticed she, any many others, were suffering.

"I went around the community and spoke to different leaders and learned that no one was doing a fan drive," says Minton.

So, Minton and his co-workers at Bonner Street Plaza started their own.

"There was not a plan of this many people [getting involved]. Just on our own as a collective effort for Bonner Street Plaza, we had about 33 fans," Minton says.

After word spread through town, those 33 fans quickly turned into 180. Now, with the help of a local non-profit group, they're looking to get these fans out of boxes and into homes.

"You just go to HOPE and they would give you a voucher and then once you get that voucher you would come back to us and we could disperse a fan for you," explains Minton.

If you still want to give, there's still time for that, too.

"East Texas... we're known for getting behind projects and helping out people. If you're out there and you have $20 and you want to make a difference in someone's life... there's still time," says Minton.

"I sure hope they do... to save us elderly people," says Polly.

The fan drive lasts through Thursday. If you'd like to donate a fan, you can drop it off at Bonner Street Plaza at 421 South Bonner Street in Jacksonville. Someone will be available to take donations between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you know someone who needs a fan, they can get a fan voucher at HOPE, helping others pursue enrichment. That is located at 595 South Ragsdale street in Jacksonville.

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