East Texans draw attention to climate change concerns

East Texans draw attention to climate change concerns

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tuesday, a group of East Texans gathered outside Congressman Louie Gohmert's office in Tyler to express concerns about climate change.

The group, called Organizing for Action, is pushing for support of President Obama's climate plan. They say people must do something immediately to preserve the planet for future generations.

"It is a crisis. Manmade climate change has been a problem. As we've all noticed this summer, it has become really really hot. It seems to get hotter every summer. We seem to get less rain. Our climate is changing. There's just no way to deny it," says Vik Verma, the regional lead for Organizing for Action.

The group says they went into the Congressman's Tyler office to express their concerns to his staff, but they did not get to meet with the Congressman himself.

Tuesday, Representative Gohmert said, "It is understandable that people are concerned about changes in our climate. Despite the massive amounts of money thrown at the issue, and after many Congressional hearings in our Natural Resources Committee, the evidence that man-made emissions are causing changes rather than nature's cycles and natural phenomenon such as solar activity is sorely lacking. When evidence surfaced that perhaps the planet may be cooling instead of globally warming, the purported threat's name was changed from "global warming" to "climate change." This seems to be more about spending massive sums on more Solyndras and creating excuses to justify more Washington control over our lives without evidence to justify it."

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