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7 from 7: Stories for your Tuesday afternoon

Good afternoon, everyone! Are you getting any rain at your place?

Here are a few interesting stories for you to peruse on this rainy afternoon:

1. Texas parents were horrified to discover the camera they were using to monitor their 2-year-old and keep her safe was hacked, and what the hacker did was chilling. "We just use it to listen," said Mark Gilbert, hacking victim. Read about what happened here. We'll have more on this story on East Texas News at 5, as well.

2. It is raining in downtown Tyler; I hope it's raining at your house, too. However, we don't want any storm damage or injuries, so make sure to check out our website's weather page to keep track of updates, and join us at 4, 5 and 6 for the latest updates as the storms are passing over.

3. The crunch of the asphalt beneath the wheels, the tassels and flags flapping in the wind, the wicked spinouts on your buddy's driveway – there's nothing quite like riding a Big Wheel. The children of the '70s and '80s can relive their days of cruising the neighborhood to the tree house with the High Roll Adult Size Big Wheel. No, really, I'm serious. Read about how to get yours and see a groovy video here of the Big Wheel in action.

4. Scam alert: Residents of Harrison County are receiving green cards that have a semi-official look to them. The card states that the named person on the card is to receive a "pending cash grant claim $20, 978 (DOE)" and an official appearing "warning" on the front. This is an old, and one of the first, scams that has been around for a long time.

5. The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department, Canton Police Department, and Van Zandt County District Attorney's Office executed two search warrants on two separate businesses in the area. The Van Zandt County Drug Task Force has been investigating the businesses for illegal activity.The VZC Drug Task Force made two arrests and will be issuing warrants for other individuals involved in the sale of these illegal items. More details here.

6. Authorities say alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the deaths of 5 members of a popular summer musical production who were killed in a Texas Panhandle auto accident. They were returning from an end-of-the-year party Monday night when the accident occurred.

7. The man who hit an East Texas sheriff's deputy with a motorcycle has been arrested. Here's how it happened.

Here's the link to our livestream so you can join us on KLTV.com at 4, 5 and 6 for the best local news and weather!

We'll see you soon,

Stephanie Frazier

KLTV Web Producer

p.s. Here's a dinner idea you can make in ten minutes tonight!

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