Ivan Victims Jam Longview Hotels

Hundreds of Louisiana residents have sought refuge in East Texas hotels and the good news is Ivan's over. The bad news is, they don't know what they're going home to.

" It's a a relief for us we have a great deal of sympathy for the folks that took the brunt of the hurricane because we've been in that situation... Little apprehensive about what we might find" says Abita Springs resident Dave Spicuzza.

Gretna resident Scott Tyler not only had to take care of his family, being in the Louisiana air national guard, he had to fly out some pretty important hardware.

"We decided to evacuate, so we had to take the jets out so they were safe," says Tyler.

Fleeing from Ivan, many took as much as was possible with them, even their pets, and were glad the Longview hotels like the holiday inn stretched the rules for them. They're just glad that they have something to go home to.

"No matter where you live there's goods and bads, as long as you're willing to accept the bads, you'll be happy with the goods... We'll take the lucky breaks when we can," says Tyler.

Bob Hallmark KLTV 7 news.