East Texas restaurants hit with serious violations after inspection

East Texas restaurants hit with serious violations after inspection

Several East Texas restaurants were hit with serious violations in the latest inspection period by health departments.

In Longview:

Sam's Southern Eatery, 3495 McCann Road had nine violations in a July 30th inspection.

  • Cheese and raw steak were held too warm.
  • Rodent droppings were found in pan of bread crumbs.
  • Roaches were observed in the facility.
  • Dirty and broken plastic tubs were found.
  • Employees were seen handling foods barehanded.

31 total demerits.

New Hupei at 421 North Spur 63.

  • Hygienic violations were observed among employees.
  • Sushi log and relish mix were not date marked, sushi was discarded.
  • Roach seen in soda machine ice.
  • Pesticide was stored above prep cart.
  • Dirty flour scoops and dirty can opener was observed.

27 total demerits.

Ryan's Family Steakhouse #2292 at 301 East Loop 281.

  • Meats and vegetables held too warm.
  • Beef at a wok station held too cold.
  • Stored foods were not date marked.
  • Dirty pans and utensils were observed.

26 total demerits

In Tyler:

Rusty Taco at 1714 South Beckham,

  • Cheese and lettuce too warm and were discarded.
  • Hygienic violations found among employees.
  • A cooler was out of temperature.

19 total demerits.

Chili's at 531 West Southwest Loop 323.

  • Live and dead roaches were found.
  • Dirty dishes and utensils found.
  • A spoon was found inside a container main cook line.

20 total demerits (***VOLUNTARY CLOSURE***)

Mama's Breakfast & Moore at 2105 West Fifth Street.

  • Dented food cans were found & discarded.
  • Raw meats were stored above produce.
  • Employees seen handling foods barehanded.

15 total demerits

The Rack Hamburger Grill at 2127 South Broadway.

  • Cold foods were held too warm.
  • A cooler was out of temperature.
  • Standing wastewater was found.

15 total demerits

Ken's Pizza #602 at 4504 South Broadway.

  • Cold foods were too warm and discarded.
  • Dirty containers and cutting boards found.
  • Slime on beverage nozzles.

19 total demerits

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