TV channel just for dogs launches nationwide

TV channel just for dogs launches nationwide

(KLTV) - Ever get that guilty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you leave your dog home alone? A channel on your TV may be able to make those worries disappear.

Canines now have their own TV channel to keep them company when their owners are away. "DOG TV" launched nationwide this month and as the name suggest, the station offers only programming for pups.

The creators of DOG TV say they did research for three years before launching the channel nationwide on DIRECTV. They observed dog behavior, watching video from surveillance cameras set up in 38 apartments to see what dogs do when the TV is on.

"We learned a lot of dogs are not too happy with barking noises on television. Some get irritated and angry and anxious," explains DOG TV creator Ron Levi.

DOG TV features almost no barking and just the occasional squeaky toy. Some colors are even enhanced to make them more visible to dogs. The best part? DOG TV is commercial free.

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