Viewer responds to Loop 49 bike ban

I completely agree with the decision to ban bikers from Loop 49; for their own safety, and the safety of vehicle drivers.

We all know there are many vehicles traveling the Loop, the travel is much higher than anticipated, over several thousand per day; and most are traveling at high rates of speed, at least 70 – any deviation or mistake by a driver (things happen, we've all done it); can lead to immediate death for a biker if they are on the road and in the path of a swerving vehicle, or vehicle that veers slightly across the biker's path, for whatever reason. Maybe they looked down, were distracted, or worse – texting! Whatever it is, the result is disastrous, for both parties.

I feel the combination of drivers and bikers is very dangerous – death for a biker and vehicular manslaughter – for a driver, regardless of the reason. The charges will be brought – and we've all swerved our cars at some time, to avoid something, or just drifting off.

Plain and simple: Bikers and cars do not mix.

Plus in several occasions I have seen bikers not pay good attention to cars on that road either. I have seen them 'U-turn' across the loop – and it is dangerous. The whole combination is nerve wracking. I drive that loop several times a month and I'm just waiting for a biker to be too close to the line, or potentially not see me and pull out.

With texting and drinking/driving, speeding or sheer accidental veering -- I am surprised any biker would want to take their lives into their hands and ride a bike on Loop 49. It's a single lane of traffic, high rates of speed and shoulder – its just a recipe for disaster and I'm thankful they have been banned! I felt it was a matter of time before a biker was killed on that highway – and I relieved to know its banned now.

At least on hwy 69 south, there are 2 lanes of traffic and a shoulder, so cars have a place to move over and give the biker plenty of room.

Wendy Bratteli

Tyler, TX