Better East Texas: A-Rod negotiating punishment

Better East Texas: A-Rod negotiating punishment

(KLTV) - Well, we have another case of the tail wagging the dog. If you are a baseball fan and, most likely, even if you aren't you have probably heard of the plight of Alex Rodriquez or A-Rod.

Perhaps his nickname should be nim-rod. Here is a very talented third baseman for the New York Yankees who has been handed a 211-game suspension, one of the largest punishments ever handed down in Major League Baseball, but here is the catch, A-Rod has been negotiating his punishment.

That's right, here is a guy that lied to the world about performance enhancing drug use for years and he is negotiating his punishment. What a luxury and, I have said it before, it shows a huge structural problem in Major League Baseball. In no other industry I can think of can someone being punished, and removed from their job for a year, negotiate their punishment.

Now A-Rod is able to continue playing while he appeals, but even the appeal process is more a strategic ploy that swings the timing of the punishment into A-Rod's favor. So while this punishment is severe, it is diluted in impact because of the power of the arrogant, non conciliatory individual at the center of the case. It is a bad example for young players and needs emergency course-correction, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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