Better East Texas: Johnny Manziel needs attitude check

Better East Texas: Johnny Manziel needs attitude check

(KLTV) - Athletes continue to make headlines off the field these days and one is hitting very close to home.

Texas A&M Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel is under investigation for breaking collegiate rules by accepting compensation for signing autographs. This is the most recent in a string of seemingly bad decisions by the star player with deep East Texas ties. Many critics have called for his family to step in and try to shepherd Manziel through the treacherous waters of superstardom that he is flirting with.

Johnny himself has stated multiple times that he is only 20-years-old and that he will continue to live life as a 20-year-old, but this is a situation where Johnny needs to recognize that it is his name on the Heisman, his name that is introduced at games and his name that will be on his career label- not his parents or some handler.

This is obviously a talented young man that has an ability to read defenses, make adjustments and overcome aggressive obstacles. He needs to apply the same discipline to his off-field life, where many of the same obstacles and others want to prey on him. Whether he wants to grow up or not, he must be his own man and realize the opportunity he has but also how fragile that opportunity really is. You can't help but like him and I think most of us want to cheer for him on and off the field, but only if he becomes a star citizen.

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