Injured Player At Tyler Hospital Released

One of the 31 injured Grapeland high school football players was life-flighted to ETMC in Tyler last night. Initially, his injuries were thought to be severe. Thankfully, Jeremy Davis was released around 12:30 today. Jeremy says he remembers feeling severe pain in his head after lightning struck. Right now, he's feeling numbness in his right arm and legs but he did not receive any burns. He told us today that the team did have equipment that should have warned them about lighting in the area.

"They usually have a thermometer thing that tells us a storm is close by. They had it out there but it wasn't beeping or nothing so we just stayed out there," says the 15 year old.

Jeremy is still having memory lapses. We're told he could recover as soon as next week or it could take as long as a month.

Christine Nelson, reporting.