Hurricane Evacuees Find Shelter In Longview

As the storm draws closer, residents from Louisiana and even Alabama are heading west into Texas for shelter. Every hotel in Longview and Tyler is now booked solid.

We spoke to a family from Houma, Louisiana, which is about 60 miles outside of New Orleans. They plan on staying just long enough to miss the brunt of the storm.

The family began their trip to Longview around 11 o'clock last night, and didn't arrive in town until noon today. They say the traffic was stop and go all the way. "In Baton Rouge it was bumper to bumper for miles and miles and you creep a couple of inches and you have to stop a couple of inches," says Ezelle Kinnard.

Ezelle says she and her family boarded up their home before they left, but they're still expecting water damage and no electricity when they return to Louisiana.

Amy Tatum, reporting.