Hurricane Evacuees Come To East Texas

The Falco family is happy to be in Tyler this afternoon watching Hurricane Ivan on TV. They just spent nearly 12 hours on the road trying to escape Ivan's tracks. He's headed toward their home outside New Orleans.

The Falco's long time friends Donn and V'Ann Byrne offered them a place to stay since all of the hotels in town are booked.

The Falco's had to get out of Ivan's path quickly because daughter Christine and son-in-law Les are expecting their first child any day.

"My doctor is supposed to be inducing early next week if the baby hasn't already come, so we were concerned about being on the road, stuck in traffic, and having a place to stay," says Christine Winn.

Grandma-to-be Adrienne says watching the storm play out on television is as difficult as deciding to leave everything they had behind.

"I've resigned myself to the fact that there is a possibility that everything will be soggy when we get home, if anything is there. The hard part was trying to figure out what was precious enough to bring and the rest we could let go if necessary," says Adrienne Falco.

Not knowing the fate of their beloved city worries them all.

"It's very hard. I love New Orleans with all my heart. I was born and raised there and the idea of it being under water and everything we know of being wiped out, it is very hard to watch," says Christine.

Tonight they say no matter what happens they will rest assured because they are safe, sound and together. Something more important than the possessions they left behind.