Storms damage Rusk county homes

The storms that came through East Texas last night brought powerful winds to several areas.     Trees were knocked down, power lines were toppled and a few homes were badly damaged.  As the storm passed through, a home off of fm 323 in Rusk county was cut in half by my a massive tree blown down by winds. The entire structure was moved off the foundation.

"Its pretty bad. The tree probably moved it 8 feet off the foundation," says neighbor Bill Davis.

Tons of lumber came down on the home where the occupant, a woman in her 80's,  had been just seconds earlier.

"I think she's very lucky , she was just in that room she told me and moved to the other room when the tree hit," Davis says.

Another home miles away, a huge oak crashes down , limbs piercing through the walls.

"I got a phone call this morning from my neighbor, not the kind of phone call you want to get. I was blown away," says property owner Wayne Moore.

Homeowners say there was no warning. A couple of small wind noises , then the crash of the huge trees.

"They didn't see it coming. Nobody did. Is there any trailer left , that was my first impression. But I still think we're blessed. There's only a couple of holes punched in the trailer , we can repair those," Moore says.

There were no reported injuries.

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