Longview restaurant earns blue ribbon award

An East Texas restaurant distinguishes itself by earning a blue ribbon award. Family owned Papa Murphy's Pizza of Longview has a rich history of chasing perfection in its operation.

"Just stay busy stay on top of everything, good people that helps out a lot. Staying busy always something to clean always something to take care of," says family member Garrett Hill.

No violation's for a one year period. The secret to their success, if there is one, is a simple plan. Pay close attention to even the smallest detail. In business for 7 years, the place is always meticulously clean.

"Every time you come in , come in with fresh eyes, a different perspective," Hill says.

In fact workers can't remember the last time they got a violation under inspection.

"It is with great pleasure that KLTV is presenting you with this blue ribbon award, for excellence over a one year period , no violations , its outstanding,  congratulations," said presenter KLTV sales executive Barbara Smith.

"We've been hoping to get one for quite a few years and we finally go it," Garrett says.

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